Aphrodite Gynaecology Treatments



The Aphrodite Gynaecology Treatment is a non-surgical laser procedure that most women find to be quick, easy, and pain free. The treatment utilises the Erbium Yag laser which delicately treats and restores vaginal tissue. In comparison with the traditional CO2 laser, Erbium Yag is unlikely to cause tissue necrosis or carbonization.

Aphrodite is a total vaginal rejuvenation solution that tightens the vaginal tissues, rejuvenates the vulva, improves the appearance of pigmented vulva, and treats urinary stress incontinence. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure recreates a younger look and feel of the vaginal tissues.

The physician will determine the needed number of treatment sessions after discussing the treatment goals in the consultation visit. In general, 4 sessions are recommended with 2 week intervals in between. The preliminary results can be felt after the first treatment.

Daily activities can be resumed immediately after finishing the treatment, without any feeling of discomfort, or any need for medication. Sexual activity is possible 24 hours after the treatment.

The procedure is done in the clinic, and a treatment is as short as 15–20 minutes.

The treatment will be scheduled around the menstruation period, either before or after.

Some women believe that if they give birth via caesarean, their vaginas will stay the same as there is no tearing. In reality, the vagina is affected while a woman is pregnant due to the pressure of carrying the baby during the pregnancy period. There is also vaginal laxity due to intercourse and the natural process of ageing. 

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