Astarte Threadlifts Cheek & Lips Augmentation


As we age, along with sagging of the face, gravity pulls down on the cheek and flattening it – giving the appearance of a tired, wasted and unhealthy appearance. At the same time, our lips lose volume and definition.

The aging face often loses fullness in the cheeks & lips.  Facial hollowness can create an impression of aging and tiredness around the eyes, the appearance of deep lines especially in the nasolabial region of the face, and exaggerated drooping in the jowls.  Enhancement of facial contours restores facial balance and brings back a youthful & healthy appearance.

Astarte Absorbable Threadlifts are an excellent and revolutionary non-surgical facelift treatment that helps lift the sagging midface by repositioning the gravity driven cheek volume and help restore fuller youthful cheeks. This, along with reshaping & augmentation of  devolumised lips, restores a more youthful you. The Astarte Threadlifts are also an ideal non-surgical treatment for brow lifts & neck lifts.

Dr Buddy Beaini from MD Cosmedical Solutions is Australia’s leading Astarte & Promoitalia Threadlifts specialist and is available to consult and advise you about the best non-surgical technique to restore your cheek volume & augment your lips – hence a more youthful facial appearance. A free consultation is available with Dr Buddy Beaini.