Bat Ear Correction


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Non-Surgical Bat Ear Pinning Sydney / Non-Surgical Otoplasty Bat Ear Surgery Sydney CBD, Wahroonga, Melbourne & Perth & Canberra Leading Experts.

With the advanced Dr Beaini Non-Surgical Otoplasty Bat Ear Pinning Correction Procedure, permanent non-dissolvable mattress of threads are administered invisibly under the skin utilising small needle holes on the inner ear surface.  With these thread mattresses an underdeveloped fold in the antihelix of the ear is repaired, correcting the antihelix fold, and hence reshaping the protruding bat ear into the more desirable natural ear lobe position.  The only visible signes of the procedure are microscopic needlestick incision points on the inner ear that dissapear within a week. Patients can see the results immediately after the procedure.

In comparison to the older surgical otoplasty technique, this Bat Ear Pinning method involves no general anaesthetic, no lacerations, no scars, and no downtime. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic in a cosmetic surgical clinic by Dr Beaini. Results are immediate. There is minimal swelling & bruising during the procedure, but does not restrict the patient from normal daily duties. Once the swelling & mild bruises have resolved, there is no evidence that the bat ear correction procedure had been performed.

The major advantages of this new Non-Surgical Bat Ear Treatment Sydney / Non-Surgical Otoplasty Bat Ear Correction Sydney, when compared to the older traditional surgery, include the following: no hospitalisation & general anaesthetic, no surgical incision scarring, no surgical deformities, no downtime, extreme minimal risks of infection. The procedure is performed comfortably under local anaesthetic.

Another exciting advantage of the non-surgical Bat Ear Pinning Procedure is that a patient can give their feedback about the ear positioning during the procedure. This enables adjustment to suit the patients individual desires. 

Dr Buddy Beaini is proudly renound as Australia's Non-Surgical Bat Ear Otoplasty Expert & Leader, and has successfully performed thousands of Bat Ear Pinning procedures since 2010.

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