Bat Ear Correction



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Bat Ear Stitch Correction precedures have been performed internationally for over 22 years, with excellent long-term results. The "Dr Buddy Beaini Bat Ear Correction Procedure" is an advanced non-surgical threading technique giving improved, natural, long-term results. 

Non-Surgical Bat Ear Correction Pinning / Otoplasty Surgery alternative treatments are performed in Sydney CBD, Wahroonga, Newcastle, Melbourne, Canberra & Perth CBD by Cosmedical Specialist Dr Buddy Beaini.



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After the Bat Ear correction procedure, you can play any sports that don't involve any pulling to the ears (eg. kick boxing or wrestling). A headband may be work with contact sports. No sports should be played for the 1st 2 weeks until the needle holes are sealed, and the ear tenderness has settled.

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After the procedure, you may wash your face with a face towel, and shower the rest of the body (ie keep the ears dry for the 1st 3 days after the procedure). After the 3rd post procedure day, you may shower normally, but pat dry the ears.

An antibiotic ointment is applied to the needle stick points twice daily for the 1st week. Do not pick at the tiny blood crusts as they will fall off naturally after a few days.

After the procedure, there will be mild tenderness, swelling and bruising. Generally this can be covered with long hair or with a concealer so that the patient can carry on with normal duties. The tenderness, sweeling & bruising generally subside within 5 to 7 days. This is significantly less that with the older bat ear surgery.


After the Bat Ear Correction Procedure, the patient returns home without any bandages or head bands. A head band is only worn for the first 12 weeks during sleep time only. This is to avoid accidental pressure to the treated area.

We recommend that you wear a headband only at night for the first 12 weeks post procedure. This is purely for protection during the night in case of accidental pressure on the treated area.


The thread stitch does not dissolve and does not need to be removed. It remains invisibly embedded under the skin in the ear permanently.

Most patients experience very minimal discomfort usually during the night. It is however possible to experience mild pain after the procedure, that usually lasts for an average of 1-3 days. Only in exceptional cases does the pain continue for longer than 3 days. Mild analgesicc such as paracetamol, nurofen or panadiene are usually recommended.


If you want to have your ears pierced, we recommend that you have it done before the planned procedure or a few weeks after the Bat Ear Pinning procedure. Piercing of the earlobe is possible after the procedure because it is remote to the treated area. It is advisable not to have piercings in the area of the procedure because accidental damage of the thread stitches may occur, or an infection may be introduced to the area.