Gordana Willesee is a leader in hair & makeup for prominent Australian and overseas celebrities. Gordana’s clients have included Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Zac Effron, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Reece Witherspoon. Music clients have included Sir Paul McCartney, Kate Cebrano and Shirley MacLaine.
Cosmetic Tattoo’s will save you time and frustration. You will look good 24 hours a day and you will
hardly need any more makeup. You can swim, sleep, perspire, have a sauna, play sport, wash your hair, eat and still look GREAT! 
It won’t wash off and lasts for years. All of our treatments are performed in very CLEAN, HYGIENIC conditions. We only use the finest quality equipment and needles are individually packed in sterile packets - the needles and the attachments are disposed of after each treatment in a Sharps container - EACH CLIENT HAS A NEW NEEDLE, NEW MACHINE ATTACHMENTS AND NEW PRODUCT. Using the manual method, the needles come in sterile packs, and then the colour is gently pricked into the skin. 
The Cosmetic Tattoo Machine works on the same principle, the needle vibrates up and down and implants colour into the Skin creating your Cosmetic Tattoo Treatment. Any instrument used that is not disposable is AUTOCLAVED on our premises, the same sterilising procedure that is used by Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals. Your protection is our priority.