Eye Brow Thread Lift

Introducing the revolutionry Aptos Face Threads to MD Cosmedical Solutions

When patients complain that their eyelids are sagging, they actually have a drooping forehead and brows.  This downward sliding skin causes the upper eyelid to look especially redundant and fold over the eye.  Usually & especially in men, the brow hairs are down at the level of the eyelashes and the brows block out their entire upper visual field. Simply raising the forehead without even touching the eyelids corrects most of the problem and dramatically improves their visual angle. Aptos Threadlift procedures are an excellent non-surgical treatment for drooping eyebrows and eyelid hooding.

What causes brow and forehead descent?

  • The main cause is aging  with age the skin of the forehead becomes less elastic and gravity causes it to descend. It is fairly firmly attached at the top of the head, but more mobile over the forehead where the frontalis muscle allows the skin to move up and down with facial expression.  In time this skin gets stretched and has no place to go but down.
  • Weight loss can also cause drooping  overweight individuals develop a layer of fat under the forehead and brow skin, which when lost can lead to forehead droop.
  • Certain illness can cause loss of tissue elasticity   some illnesses cause damage to the nerves that innervate the forehead and brow muscles, such as Bell’s palsy or facial nerve injury. The brow and forehead droop

The new generation Aptos Threads Threadlift procedures are an excellent non-surgical face & brow lift treatment that can elevate the drooping forehead tissues and result in a brow lift & hooding reduction without the need for painful surgery and with minimal downtime. MD Cosmedical Solutions is Australia’s leading non-surgical Threads Facelift Specialists and offer Aptos and Promoitalia Threadlift procedures, and Blepharoplasty Eyelid Hooding Surgery. A free consultation is available with Dr Buddy Beaini.

Aptos Threadlift Face, Neck Lift & Browlift Procedures are performed at Aptos Threadlift Sydney CBD, Threadlift Wahroonga, Threadlift Melbourne, Threadlift Perth and Threadlift Canberra Clinics.