Jowls & Neck Thread Lift

Introducing the revolutionry Aptos Face Threads to MD Cosmedical Solutions Sydney, Wahroonga, Melbourne, Perth & Canberra

Generally speaking, the skin that is affected by laxity and sagging first is the skin which is the thinnest and most fragile - specifically the skin around the eye, jowls & neck. The reason for this laxity is because this skin has less to support it in its fight against gravity.

As the skin loses its fight against gravity, there are a few common places that you will see wrinkles appearing:

  • Brow droop (the forehead sags so the eyebrows drop over the eyelids, which then feel heavy)
  • Eyelid ptosis (the upper eyelid drops, sometimes even partially obscuring vision)
  • Midface laxity resulting in deep nasolabial lines, marionette lines, cheek laxity and lip lines
  • Loose folds of skin under the eye
  • Jowls (loss of jaw line)
  • Loss of neckline due to loose skin on the neck

There are several excellent options to treat the sagging skin particularly in these regions:

  • Fraxel Repair CO2 Skin Resurfacing Laser– skin contraction & resurfacing treatment
  • Thermage FLX  Skin Tightening Treatment– radiofrequency collagen tightening & collagen production stimulation
  • Aptos Absorbable Face Threads– the new generation & patented revitalizing,  skin tightening and facelifting threads

Aptos Threads Face Lift, Jowl Lift & Neck Lifts Sydney are the revolutionary new non-surgical treatment of sagging face, jowls and neck. Dr Buddy Beaini is Australia’s leading Aptos Threadlift Facelift specialist and is available to advise & determine which non-surgical skin tightening & lifting treatment options are the best option for you. Free consultations are available at MD Cosmedical Solutions. Threadlift Face & Neck Lift Procedures are performed By Dr Beaini at Threadlift Sydney CBD, Threadlift Wahroonga, Threadlift Melbourne, Threadlift Perth CBD & Threadlift Canberra Clinics.

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