Facial Fat Transfer



MD Cosmedical Solutions is a leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and experts in Laser Liposuction, Face Fat Transfer & Arthritis Fat Stem Cell Transfer within its Sydney CBD, Wahroonga, Canberra & Perth CBD Clinics. Dr Buddy Beaini has successfully & safely performed over 25,000 minimally invasive surgical procedures since 1987.  We take pride in our expertise, results, safety & customer satisfaction.

Facial Fat Transfer Treatments Sydney CBD & Wahroonga Clinics

o   Facial Fat Transfer is hailed as the most advanced & totally natural facial regeneration treatment worldwide

o   Fat Transfer naturally replaces depleted face volume & regenerates facial tissues with the addition of patients self- harvested fat cells which are rich in stem cells

o   Fat is extracted from the patient during a mini-liposuction procedure, which is rich in stem cells, and is reinjected into the face - a natural and stem cell rich volume replacement treatment

o   Minimally invasive Fat Transfer procedures are a clinically proven & totally natural volume replacement treatment with excellent long-term & satisfying results

o   MD Cosmedical Solutions now offers the revolutionary new Facial Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting procedure in its Clinics

o  Fat Transfer is also utilised for Stem Cell Arthritis Treatments & Brazilian Butt Lifts

o   Treatments are performed under local anesthetics & require minor or no sedation  

o   The Fat Transfer procedure has minimal downtime & minimal bruising


o   Laser Liposuction & Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting treatment clinics are located in Sydney CBD, Wahroonga, Canberra & Perth 


Facial Fat Transfer Video