Deep Wrinkles

As you age deep facial wrinkles set it gradually. The ageing process of the skin is especially accelerated if you are genetically predisposed, have had excessive sun exposure, have a serious or chronic illness, and are a smoker. People that have had excessive or sudden weight loss will also notice rapid onset skin laxity and deep wrinkle formation.

The Fraxel Repair CO2 Lasers have been cleared by the FDA and TGA to safely and effectively resurface and tighten your skin. This results in reduced wrinkles, improved texture, even tone and smoother skin - all with minimal risks, and without discomfort and prolonged downtime. Fraxel Repair is amazingly effective on fine lines, deep lines and wrinkles, ageing skin, sun damage, deep acne scars, stretch marks, melasma, pigmentation, and Solar Keratosis.

MD Cosmedical Solutions is a specialist dermatological clinic and offers both the most advanced Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Repair CO2 Lasers to treat the widest range of skin concerns. Afree medical consultation and skin diagnosis is available to help you decide which Fraxel Laser treatment is suitable for your skin conditions.