Injury & Self Harm Scars

Scars are depressions or indentations in the skin that occur after a medical condition such as acne or after a surgical incision. Especially when they're on the face or other visible areas, scars can carry the stigma of adolescent acne long after the acne is gone, they can serve as unpleasant reminders of a past surgery, and memories of self-harm or accidental injuries. Fraxel Laser Scar removal offers excellent results in unsightly scar reduction treatments.

Scars can be caused by injury, surgery, burns, cuts and grazes, acne, skin infection, chickenpox, self-harm and scratches. How major the scar becomes depends on the age and health of the person, their genes, racial background & skin colour, location of skin damage, cause of skin damage, treatment of the wound and movement during healing. Scars will either settle within 12 months or can be permanent.

Fortunately scars of any cause may be treated with Fraxel Restore Laser & Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser. Scars that are treated earlier have the best outcomes, however all scars show improvement. MD Cosmedical Solutions specialises in scar reduction treatments and offers a free consultation to advise which treatment is the most suitable for the best results. Self Harm Scars Sydney & Self Harm Scars Canberra Treatments are now available with the specialised Fraxel Restore & Fraxel Reoair CO2 Lasers.