Pigmentation & Melasma Treatment

Uneven pigmentation of some sort affects most people, regardless of ethnic background or skin color. Skin may either appear lighter or darker than normal; there may be blotchy, uneven areas, patches of brown to gray discoloration or freckling. Skin pigmentation disorders occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin.

Increased melanin production, also known as hyperpigmentation, can be either:

  • Melasma - describes the darkening of the skin caused by hormones. These hormonal changes are usually the result of pregnancy, birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy.
  • Solar lentigo - also known as "liver spots" or "senile freckles" refers to darkened spots on the skin caused by aging skin and by  sun damage. These spots are quite common in adults with a long history of unprotected sun exposure.

Other than sun exposure and hormones, hyperpigmentation can be caused by skin damage, such as remnants of blemishes, wounds or rashes. This is especially true for those with darker skin tones.

The most typical cause of darkened areas of skin, brown spots or areas of discoloration is unprotected sun exposure. Once incorrectly referred to as liver spots, these pigment problems are not connected with the liver.

On lighter to medium skin tones, solar lentigenes emerge as small- to medium-sized brown patches of freckling that can grow and accumulate over time on areas of the body that receive the most unprotected sun exposure, such as the back of the hands, forearms, chest, and face. For those with darker skin colors, these discolorations can appear as patches or areas of ashen-gray skin.

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