Hyperhidrosis Treatments


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Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a medical condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Excessive sweating can occur in several parts of the body including the armpits, palms, feet, face & forehead. High temperatures, anxiety or certain medications may increase perspiration, but they do not cause hyperhidrosis. Although the exact cause of hyperhidrosis is unknown, it appears to be an inherited trait that stops the body from regulating its temperature properly.

Laser Axillary HyperhidrosisTreatment

This is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive solution for hyperhidrosis. Laser treatments are among the least invasive of all surgical techniques, so scarring and patient immobilization are not a concern.

Target Sweat Glands, Without Collateral Damage - For treating hyperhidrosis, 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser light is used to permanently destroy axillary sweat glands by photoselectively heating sweat gland tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and is finished in less than an hour. The general steps of the treatment are as follows:

•    Step 1 - Locate: Before the operation, the underarms are coated with iodine and starch is used to identify the precise location of the sweat glands.

•    Step 2 - Irradiate: A 3 mm incision is made through which a cannula with an optical fiber is passed. Through this optical fiber a QCW 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser beam is fired, which destroys the sweat glands.

•    Step 3 - Remove: A grating cannula is used to remove the destroyed glands.

The Treatment of Choice - Simple, Safe, and Effective - A growing number of doctors consider the Nd:YAG laser to be the treatment of choice for hyperhidrosis, especially when the simplicity and speed of the procedure (as well as the minimal risk of complications) are taken into consideration. The whole operation takes about one hour, and patients can return to their normal activities within a few hours of treatment, leading to a full recovery within four to seven days.

Hyperhidrosis Injection Treatments

Hyperhidrosis can be easily successfully treated in most people with botulinum injections. Underarms excessive sweating is the most commonly treated area. Excessive sweating of palms, feet and face may also be successfully treated. Botulinum targets the sweating at its source. When injected, the botulinum enters the glands in the area treated. There it blocks the release of a chemical that signals the perspiration.

Treating excessive sweating with botulinum is a simple procedure which takes 15 - 20 minutes, and has no down-time. A similar treatment is used worldwide for cosmetic purposes for wrinkle reduction. The process involves the application of topical anaesthetic cream and then injecting the area with tiny needles. The treatment involves minimal discomfort and is performed by a MD Cosmedical Solutions Sydney by a medical practitioner. 

Excessive sweating injection treatments last for an average 7 to 12 months, depending on the individual. Treatments do not need to be repeated until the excessive perspiration symptoms recur.

Hyperhidrosis Injection Treatments have been performed worldwide since 1989 to treat many conditions including cerebral palsy in children, and movement disorders. Botulinum is now used for cosmetic procedures, back spasm, pelvic pain and for certain ophthalmologic conditions. Side affects are uncommon and include the occasional mild transient localized tenderness (lasting one day) and the occasional minor bruise. Treatments are not performed in pregnant and breast feeding ladies.

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