Cellulite Treatment

Lipodissolve mesotherapy is the most effective and safest treatment for the reduction of unwanted cellulite. This non- surgical treatment is the answer to bulgy and uneven skin that has been resilient to most other forms of treatments including surgery.

The Lipodissolve Mesotherapy cellulite removal treatment is a simple medical treatment involving multiple microinjections of a combination of phosphatidylcholine (better known as lecithin or soy bean) and hyaluronidase. This procedure leads to improved circulation, the dissolving of excess fat deposits, and the removal of hardened connective tissue. As a result, cellulite reduction is effectively made possible by eliminating toxic substances and fatty deposits after their breakdown, and subsequent excretion through the kidneys (as bile in the urine), and in the stools.

These active ingredients used in lipodissolve mesotherapy are naturally occurring. This effective treatment is virtually painless, and has no side-effects.

This procedure is considered to be a cosmetic medical breakthrough for cellulite treatment - a condition that up until now has been highly resistant to all other methods of treatment. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise program, lipodissolve mesotherapy achieves excellent results in most individuals.

MD Cosmedical Solutions specialize in Lipodissolve Mesotherapy treatments, and have performed thousands of these procedures over the last 10 years. For more information contact our clinics for a free medical consultation.