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Up until now, treatments available for cellulite skin, which is unsightly, lumpy and dimpled in appearance, have been short-term, highly unsuccessful and expensive. Similarly, treatments for fat removal & body contouring (e.g. liposuction) have been complicated and associated with unacceptable side-effects.¨Developed in France during the 1950s by Dr Michael Pistor, Lipodissolve Mesotherapy has since evolved to become the most successful breakthrough for reducing cellulite, body sculpturing and skin rejuvenation. Lipodissolve Mesotherapy is a specialized medical treatment involving the injection of microscopic quantities of natural enzymes, homeopathic agents and vitamins into the mesoderm layer of the skin to deliver corrective treatments to a specific region of the body.

Cellulite is the combination of accumulated toxic wastes, fat and water caused by connective tissue damage (sclerosis) and poor circulation. The skin condition affects more than 90% of women after puberty, including those who are over weight as well as slim women. To date, treatments for cellulite removal have been highly unsuccessful, very expensive and short-term.

Until recently, treatments available for body sculpturing have also been sub-optimal. In many cases, dieting and weight loss proves difficult and unsuccessful as a single measure. Liposuction is usually the next alternative. However this involves surgery which is often associated with unacceptable side-effects, including anesthesia risks, infection risks, extensive bruising, pain, complicated post-operative care and unsightly scarring (which in some cases is keloid scarring).

Lipodissolve Mesotherapy is commonly used for Double Chin Treatment, Baggy Eyes Treatment, and Fat Reduction of Abdomen, Love Handles, Angel Wings, Upper Arms, Buttocks & Thighs. Lipodissolve Mesotherapy is also the most effective treatment for unwanted Cellulite.



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