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New to Australia, and exclusive to MD Cosmedical Solutions Clinics, is the new revolutionary treatment for the reduction of fat and cellulite - the Lipomedix Contour body sculpting “fat blaster” system. We all have unwanted fat deposits or cellulite that  will not go away, even with adequate diet and exercise. Lipomedix Contour is the most advanced non-invasive body contouring treatment liposuction alternative treatment. Unlike the current older technologies, this system utilises the most effective multi biocavitation technology, which targets and destroys fat cells in three major ways – cryolipolisis, laser lipolysis and ultrasonic fat cavitation. The result is the most effective break down of unwanted fat deposits and cellulite, resulting in a slimmer body shape and smoother skin – without the risks of liposuction surgery.


Lipomedix Contour has developed a surgery-free body contouring treatment that effectively and safely reduces unsightly fat deposits and cellulite in men and women. Lipomedix Contour utilizes the revolutionary 5 in 1 cavitation treatment to deliver the best results in fat and cellulite reduction.  The 5 combinational modalities include:

1. Laser Lipolysis (laser fat removal)

2. Cryotherapy Fat Freezing (fat freeze cryolipolisis)

3. Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation (ultrasonic fat cavitation)

4. Electrophoresis Cell Stimulation (improving cell metabolism)

5. Dermal Vacuum Suction (improving lymphatic drainage)

Designed as a simple ‘walk-in, walk out’ solution performed  in a cosmetic medical clinic, the Lipomedix Contour treatments involve no downtime, no follow up maintenance, and no recovery  time. The safe and effective procedure can treat multiple areas such as the abdomen, love handles, bra straps, angel wings, saddle bags, buttocks, knees, and thighs.  Following a treatment, patients can immediately resume their daily routines. Treatment sessions times range between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size and number of areas treated. The number of treatments required ultimately depends on the amount of fat or cellulite to be treated. The scientifically developed medical Lipomedix Contour technology is based on a medical breakthrough that uses biocavitational energy (laser, ultrasound and fat freezing) , to selectively break down fat cells and cellulite without affecting neighboring structures. Immediately after treatment, the body’s natural pathways clear away the disrupted fat cells. The procedure is comfortable and painless, has no side effects, and requires no anaesthesia or sedation.  

Lipomedix Contour specifically targets fat cells and cellulite.

The biocavity effect of Lipomedix Contour eliminates unwanted fat and cellulite. During the treatments,  the fat cells membranes are disrupted. The fat cell content, primarily comprised of triglycerides, is dispersed into the fluid between the cells and then transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver. The liver makes no distinction between fat coming from the procedure and fat originating from consumed food. Both are processed via the body's natural mechanisms and are removed from the body in the form of bile in the stools and urine.

Diagram microscopically demonstrating the fat cell destruction and cavitation by Lipomedix Contour. The ideal solution to contouring your body or removing your cellulite ! Reduction of localized fat deposits and cellulite without liposuction surgery, anaesthesia, incisions, or injections. Lipomedix Contour is a clinically proven body contouring solution to combine a totally non-invasive treatment with durable measurable results.

SAFE- Selectively and safely targets fat cells and cellulite with no damage to the skin, nerves, and blood vessels.  Safe clearance of lysed fat cells via the body's natural physiological and metabolic pathways.

EFFECTIVE- Clinically proven results  which are observable and measurable.  Multiple treatments deliver incremental circumference reduction.

COMFORTABLE- Unlike liposuction surgery, this treatment is painless and no anaesthesia or sedation is required. There is no downtime after the procedures.

AFFORDABLE- Compared to other forms of treatment for fat reduction and fat reduction, Lipomedix Contour is an effective and affordable alternative with no downtime.

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