Thermage Eyes

The new Advanced Thermage FLX Technology delivers faster & more comfortable skin  periorbital tightening treatments. And superior results due to its patented superior depth of energy delivered especially when compared to the older thermage, ultraformer and ultherapy treatments. This equates to the best non-surgical Facelifts & Skin Tightening.

The Eyes Eye Hooding, Droopy Eyes, Dark Eye Circles & Fine Lines can make us look run down. Thermage FLX Skin Tightening Treatments help treat the upper and lower eyelids to help you look & feel more youthful and rested.


As you age, your skin's collagen and elastin simply break down faster than your body can rebuild them, causing your skin to lose elasticity—which often leads to wrinkles, and pockets of loose, sagging skin. The effects of age are typically most noticeable around the eyes, where skin is delicate and thin. Over time it will start to lose elasticity, beginning to droop and wrinkle, even creating heavy “eye hoods” that make you look older.

Eyes by Thermageis an anti aging skin treatment that utilizes a unique deep-heating radiofrequency (RF) technology and patented delivery system to firm and tighten the skin surrounding the eye area by stimulating existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth.

This radiofrequency skin tightening treatment for the eyes is often called a non-surgical eye lift or eyelid treatment and involves no downtime.

Eyes by Thermage rejuvenates and brightens the eye area by:

  • Tightening and toning the eyelids
  • Eyebrow Lifting
  • Reducing eyelid hooding
  • Improving the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Softening Crow's Feet

One Thermage Eye Treatment is usually all that is needed to see noticeably firmer, tighter skin around the eyes.  Results are immediate, and with continued skin tightening over time as new collagen are produced.

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