In the neck, a muscle called the platysma can become more prominent with ageing, giving the unwanted appearance of platysmal bands over time.  These bands can contribute to the “turkey neck” phenomenon that many women experience as they get older.  

When performed by a well-trained medical practitioner, platysmal bands wrinkle injections can be directly injected with BTX in order to relax the muscles and soften the prominent bands of the neck.  This allows the skin to lay tighter against the chin and neck, which gives a more youthful appearance.  

The injection treatments to the platysmal bands may performed at the same time as Thermage CPT skin tightening treatments, which tightens the overlying skin of the neck and jowls.  The combination of relaxing the bands of the neck and tightening the overlying skin leads to a dramatic anti-aging improvement, without any surgery or downtime.