Wrinkle Injections


Results & Safety

Wrinkle Injection Treatment results are seen 3-7 days after injections. This is because it takes time for the targeted nerve endings in the muscles to become ‘deactivated’. If you have had previous wrinkle injections, then you may see a quicker onset of muscle relaxation, often in 1-3 days. The treatment results generally improve with treatment sessions as the deep wrinkles become increasingly softened.

The treatments are very safe and have been used for many illness & cosmetic purposes by doctors for more than 30 years in millions of people around the world. It is one of the most studied, researched & applied treatments and has no long-term side effects. The active ingredient is not absorbed or passed through the blood and is no longer present or active in the body an hour after injection.

After performing thousands of anti-wrinkle injection treatments, the medical staff at MD Cosmedical Solutions are fully qualified & experienced to look after your cosmetic medical needs.

When having a wrinkle injection  treatments & dermal fillers, ensure that you are visiting a true reputable medical clinic and that you are being treated by a reputable doctor & not by a fake “non-medical expert”. 

Wrinkle Treatments & Dermal Fillers are available in our Sydney CBD, Wahroonga, Hornsby, Double Bay, Perth CBD & Canberra Barton Clinics Ph 1300885808

Wrinkle Injections Video